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Thursday, 03 May 2018 17:30

The company Adjara Group opens the new Stamba Hotel

The company Adjara Group opens the new Stamba Hotel

Adjara Group has opened the new Stamba Hotel in the centre of Tbilisi. Following the international success of Rooms Hotels over the past 6 years, the company Adjara Group presents a new Georgian brand: the Stamba Hotel.

The new hotel is located in a former publishing house on Kostava St, and will open with 40 high standard rooms (52m2) and 2 suites (79m2). Once the hotel is completed there will be 150 rooms to choose from.

The hotel includes Café Stamba which offers Georgian and European cuisine prepared with locally sourced produce, as well as a Chocolaterie and Roastery with in-house roasted coffee and artisanal chocolate.

Casino Aviator is also part of the Hotel Stamba.

A unique variety of trees and greenery dominate the 5-storey high atrium, the ‘Jungle Lobby’ of the hotel. The inside space of the lobby is crowned with a glass bottomed rooftop swimming pool.

Conceived by Adjara Group’s in-house team of architects and interior designers – Adjara Arch Group – the building pays tribute to the brutalist style of the original structure. The rediscovered printing equipment, along with the building’s historic façade have been preserved and restored.  

The doors of the hotel opened on May 1st.


14 M. Kostava St. Tbilisi, Georgia 0108 +995 32 2021199

Adjara Group

Adjara Group is the largest and fastest growing company in hospitality, lifestyle development and agropreneurship. 

It gained worldwide recognition for its trend-setting establishments and entrepreneurial projects by founding and managing the lifestyle brands: Rooms Hotels in Tbilisi and Kazbegi, the luxury Stamba hotel and the fashionable Fabrika Hostel. Restaurants created by the company combine the best of the world talent in gastronomy with fresh, locally sourced produce.

As a pioneer in urban and rural development, Adjara Group has reshaped the face of the capital by generating new ecosystems around the enterprises it builds. The company has the ability to turn even the most remote and underdeveloped regions across the country into sustainable destinations.

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