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Thursday, 28 April 2016 11:30

Environmental concerns of Absheron peninsula find a solution Featured

Caspian Energy CEO: What was the need for creating Ecol Engineering Services CJSC?

Ramil Aliyev, General Director, Ecol Engineering Services CJSC: Oil and gas production history in Azerbaijan covers more than 160 years. Throughout this period the territory of the Absheron peninsula has undergone a strong man-caused impact the negative consequences of which were not solved in a timely manner. It weakened the natural ability of the environment to heal itself as well as caused a compositional and structural disorder of lands. Emerged ecological imbalance and its solution has become one of the most pressing problems in the republic.

Important tasks were assigned to SOCAR to handle these problems. A need to create an organization, meeting international standards, together with foreign investors arose in order to improve an ecological condition in the oil industry and implement environmental projects of SOCAR.

Therefore, SOCAR (51%) and Lancer Services S.A. (49%) signed a historical agreement about creation of Ecol Engineering Services CJSC on March 1, 2016. Our company started operating on April 17, 2006 after passing a state registration.


CEO: In which directions has Ecol Engineering Services CJSC focused its activity?

Ramil Aliyev: Owing to injected investments, within a short period of time our company has established a strong material-technical base and a human resource potential and acquired modern equipment and technologies. After signing an agreement with SOCAR about performance of environmental operations, providing of services and support of supplies, we started carrying out a work within the framework of the ecological projects in the republic.

Considering the gravity of environmental problems, the head of state Ilham Aliyev has approved a Comprehensive Plan of Activities for 2006-2010, aimed at improvement of ecology in Azerbaijan.

Since 2006 SOCAR has commenced recovery work on Absheron peninsula areas comprising 7,000 ha and polluted with oil. Declaring 2010 a year of ecology has created much more opportunities for implementing environmental projects.

At present, Ecol Engineering Services CJSC is mainly engaged in treatment of industrial and sewage waters; processing of oil sludge; recultivation and bio-remediation of oil polluted lands, recovery of their landscape,  conduction of greenery setting and agrotechnical work;  purification of paraffin; conduction of comprehensive ecological monitoring; provision of laboratory services; development of ecological normative-technical documents.


CEO: Ecology problem in the oil producing industry also depends on the level of introduction of new technologies, enabling to minimize harmful impact on the environment. To what extent are these new technologies applied in Azerbaijan?

Ramil Aliyev: The use of modern technologies certainly lets minimize the environmental damage. Closed systems, preventing environmental pollution, are currently used in oil production. Advanced technologies are also used in such segments of oil-gas production as wastes treatment, recycling and utilization. These operations are continued. We plan to commission new facilities designed to neutralize oil sludge and different types of slime generated in this sphere.

Measures preventing negative impact of other types of wastes on the environment are taken as well. Treatment of oil sludge is currently carried out by means of modern decanters of Alfa-Laval Company and tricanters of Pieralisi.



CEO: How would you characterize the current ecological condition of the Absheron peninsula lands? When it will be possible to have them fully cleaned?

Ramil Aliyev: Over a 160-year oil production history a serious damage was inflicted on the environment of the Republic, especially on the Absheron peninsula. Lands were polluted. Ponds with polluted waters emerged which created dangerous conditions for the health of a human being.

Nowadays, ecological problems common to all oil-producing countries are topical, which is confirmed by the attention paid to these issues on the level of the government. One could see water bodies, formed out of oil wastes and contaminated water, at the area of Bibiheybat OGPD before while now these lands are cleaned from contamination. Active greening work is underway on these lands. Ecological balance is being restored.

Part of polluted lands is currently cleaned by means of recultivation and bioremediation at the Absheron peninsula now. Full cleaning of polluted lands depends mainly on the speed of conduction of this work and financial support.



CEO: Which companies do you cooperate with?

Ramil Aliyev: We have established business cooperation with many companies which are engaged in oil-gas production in Azerbaijan, including SOCAR, BP, "Balakhani Oil" Operating Company, “Surakhani Oil” Operating Company S.A”, “Bahar Energy Operating Company Limited”, "AzGerneft" MMC and others.


CEO: What measures are taken to develop a human resource potential of the company?

Ramil Aliyev: Ecol Engineering Services CJSC carries out an activity by using special equipment, facilities and technologies, meeting modern requirements. There are certainly high skilled employees working for our company and managing all these technical facilities.

The work has been set in such manner so that employees could improve their knowledge and skills. Therefore, they take part in training held in Azerbaijan and abroad. The company itself also arranges special courses with participation of experts.



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