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Thursday, 17 March 2016 10:15

Wildlife is in need of our protection – IDEA Chairwoman Leyla Aliyeva Featured

First Lady of Azerbaijan, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva, Founder and Chairwoman of IDEA Leyla Aliyeva have attended the conference entitled “Climate Change and Global Warming. After Paris Summit” and held at ADA University today (March 16). Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Rector of the ADA University Khafiz Pashayev gave an opening speech at the conference and stressed the importance that ADA University attaches to the issue of ecology. According to him, the key ideology of the University lies in application of alternative sources of energy, energy saving and environmental protection.

Speaking at the event were an Academician of the RAS, Lecturer of the National Aviation Academy Roald Sagdeyev, who visited the Faculty at School of Information Technologies and Engineering, ADA University. He spoke about topical issues which arise on the way of addressing global climate change and global warming problems. He assessed the results of the Summit for Climate Change as successful. According to him, global warming causes certain challenges on the way of development of the global civilization. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the amount of CO2 emission into the atmosphere. The volume of CO2 emission is on a high level now and has reached the highest rate over the past 650 years.

Addressing the event, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan Huseyngulu Bagirov spoke about a number of projects, implemented by the Ministry in order to improve environmental conditions. He noted that there are 4 solar and 9 water power plants currently operating in Azerbaijan. According to him, the ministry has been assigned to lower CO2 emission into environment of Azerbaijan by 20% in 2020. Apart from this, he added that project on creation of a new modern zoo near Baku, with an area of 55 ha. Stressed in the course of the conference was an importance of purification of the Kur and Araz Rivers which have been strongly contaminated by municipal and industrial drainage and flowing into Azerbaijan from the territory of neighbor states. According to the Minister of Ecology, modern stations for monitoring and cleaning of rivers have been commissioned in the country. Apart from this, there are 5 modern stations monitoring radiation level and promptly notifying the control point in case of deviation from the norms. 

Addressing the event, Vice President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and Chairwoman of IDEA Leyla Aliyeva stressed the importance of concrete actions and practical solutions in the issue of global warming. L.Aliyeva spoke about the activity of the environmental organization headed by her, and implemented projects which concern protection of the wildlife, disappearing types of animals, including gazelles and Caucasian leopard, of which 5 species are left in Azerbaijan. According to her, if no measures are taken, then such animals as rhinoceros, elephants and other representatives of the wildlife will vanish in coming 10 years. She also called the event participants to make a personal contribution to the environmental protection. 


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